Pennyweight Mixtape : 01 January

Poster by Julia Kostreva

Efterklang — Mi & L’au — Agnes Obel — The White Birch — Atlas Sound
Goldfrapp — Johann Johannsson — José González — Murder
A Winged Victory for the Sullen — Vashti Bunyan — múm — Low
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins — Alice Boman — Bing & Ruth

Welcome to the new year! I’m thrilled to share a new feature I’m working on with Elise Joseph of Pennyweight blog. She has incredible taste in music, and each month she is releasing a mixtape based around the mood of the season. I’ll be creating the album cover artwork inspired by listening to the season’s mix. Right now in January, reflecting on moments past, we embrace a new year in an explosion of thought, gratitude and hope. In this post I’m sharing some additional artwork, a poster for Elise’s first playlist. To create the art, I took photographs of light & shadows cast by the sunlight reflecting through a glass jar. The blurry shadows looked soft and still textural, a little like watercolor or ink. I abstracted them into shattered and natural or floral forms- painting with light, in a way. Head over to Pennyweight blog to listen to a playlist that is as etherial, weightless, and as full of light as the dawn of a new chapter.

+ Check out the mixtape on Pennyweight
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+ poster by Julia Kostreva

Friday, January 23 2015

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  1. Maja

    This is great! One of my favourite things is listen to others people playlist. I love discovering new music like that.

  2. Rachel

    We are totally on the same wavelength as far as music! Ambient, icelandic, swedish, soft goodness. <3 thanks for sharing!

  3. Noor

    Hi Julia, I’m also a designer (mainly WordPress) and I’m a huge fan of yours, love your style. Thanks so much for the mix, I’ve not heard of these people so it’s nice to hear some new music. I’m mostly into house.