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The California summer lasts long into fall, but I’m noticing things are winding down and pairing down to their essentials. This week I’ve invited Melissa Sonico to share some fresh blooms with us – she’s seeing florals that are totally serene. These white hydrangea would look beautiful and calming in a low vase or jar on the coffee table.

When foraging for flowers or plants– or anything, for that matter, I always gravitate toward neutral colors. I have to admit that I tend to favor greenery and foliage over florals (as evidenced by the many houseplants I own), but my favorite flowers are those delicate summer blooms: peonies, Juliet roses, ranunculus, and hydrangea– all in white or pink, blushy tones.

+ Photos by Melissa Sonico and Lauren Donaldson

Tuesday, September 30 2014

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